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By: Morey Law Firm

October 24, 2023

Most Common Wrongful Death Car Accidents in Florida

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Fatal Encounters: The Most Common Car Accidents in Florida Resulting in Wrongful Death

The sunshine state, Florida, with its scenic views, beautiful beaches, and balmy weather, is a haven for residents and tourists alike. However, its roads have a darker side. They are also the stage for a significant number of car accidents, some of which, tragically, result in wrongful deaths. In this blog, we delve into the most common car accidents that lead to such fatal outcomes and shed light on how to prevent them.

1. Rear-end Collisions

Your most common Florida car accident is a rear-end collision. Rear-end collisions rank among the top causes of wrongful deaths in Florida. These accidents often occur due to inattention or distraction. Drivers might be engrossed in texting, adjusting the radio, or simply lost in thought, failing to notice the slowing or stopped traffic ahead. Such a momentary lapse can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Prevention Tip: Always maintain a safe following distance and reduce speed in congested areas. Avoid distractions and stay focused on the road.

2. T-bone or Side-impact Collisions

Intersections can be hazardous. T-bone accidents, where one vehicle strikes the side of another, often result in fatalities, especially if the impact is on the passenger side. Running red lights, failing to yield the right of way, or misjudging the speed of oncoming traffic can lead to these devastating crashes.

Prevention Tip: Always look both ways before proceeding at an intersection, even if you have the right of way. And always be wary of drivers who might run red lights.

3. Head-on Collisions

While less common, head-on collisions are incredibly deadly. They frequently occur on highways or undivided roads when a driver drifts into oncoming traffic due to fatigue, intoxication, or distraction.

Prevention Tip: Always stay alert, especially during nighttime or when driving on unfamiliar roads. If you notice a vehicle swerving or coming towards you, try to get out of its way if possible and call the authorities.

4. Rollover Accidents

Florida’s long stretches of highways can sometimes induce high-speed driving. SUVs and taller vehicles, when driven recklessly, are prone to rollover accidents. Such incidents can result in ejections from the vehicle, leading to fatal injuries.

Prevention Tip: Avoid sharp turns at high speeds, and always wear a seatbelt. If you’re driving an SUV or a vehicle with a higher center of gravity, be extra cautious about your speed and the terrain.

5. Hit and Run Accidents

Unfortunately, Florida has seen a rise in hit and run accidents. In a panic, drivers might flee the scene after causing an accident, leaving victims injured or worse.

Prevention Tip: While you can’t control the actions of others, always be aware of your surroundings. If you’re involved in an accident, try to get as much information as possible, including the license plate, make, and model of the fleeing vehicle.

6. Pedestrian Accidents

Florida, with its bustling urban centers and beachside promenades, sees a high volume of pedestrians. Tragically, pedestrian-involved accidents rank high among wrongful death incidents. Inattentive driving, speeding in residential zones, or failing to yield at crosswalks are common causes.

If you or a loved one have been hit by a car while walking, our Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorneys possess both the experience and compassion needed during such trying times. Reach out today to speak with one of our experienced lawyers.

Prevention Tip: As a driver, always be vigilant in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. Slow down in residential zones and always stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. If you’re a pedestrian, always use crosswalks, wear reflective clothing at night, and stay vigilant.

7. Motorcycle Accidents

Given Florida’s pleasant climate, it’s no surprise that many choose motorcycles as their mode of transport. However, motorcycles offer little protection in the event of a crash. Drivers often overlook or misjudge the distance of oncoming motorcycles, leading to devastating consequences.

For guidance after you or a loved one are involved in an accident, our dedicated Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are here to assist you with unmatched expertise. Contact us today to learn how we can assist..

Prevention Tip: For drivers, always double-check your blind spots and give motorcycles the same respect as other vehicles on the road. For motorcyclists, wear protective gear, use headlights even during the day, and stay visible.

8. Drunk Driving Accidents

Despite rigorous campaigns and strict laws, drunk driving remains a persistent issue in Florida. The impaired judgment and slowed reflexes of intoxicated drivers can lead to fatal accidents. A DUI wrongful death is something no family should ever have to experience.

If you or a loved one are facing the aftermath of a drunk driver accident? Our committed team of attorneys is here to provide the guidance you need. We’re committed to offering the expertise and guidance you need during these challenging times.

Prevention Tip: If you plan on drinking, always have a designated driver or use alternative transportation like taxis or rideshare services. If you suspect someone on the road is intoxicated, keep a safe distance and notify the authorities.

9. Commercial Vehicle Accidents

With Florida’s thriving economy, commercial vehicles like trucks and delivery vans are omnipresent. These larger vehicles can cause extensive damage in collisions due to their size and weight.

If you or a family member have been impacted by a Florida commercial truck accident, our dedicated attorneys are on standby to help. Delve into how we can support you on our commercial vehicle accidents practice area page.

Prevention Tip: Always give commercial vehicles ample space. Be cautious when overtaking and avoid lingering in their blind spots. For commercial vehicle drivers, regular vehicle maintenance and adherence to rest schedules are crucial.

10. Distracted Driving Accidents

In the age of technology, distractions aren’t limited to just phone use. GPS systems, infotainment consoles, or even eating while driving can divert attention from the road, leading to fatal accidents.

Prevention Tip: Prioritize the road. If you need to adjust your GPS or make a call, pull over safely. Keep potential distractions out of arm’s reach to resist temptation.

While Florida remains a destination for its beauty and warmth, its roads demand respect and attention. The wrongful deaths that result from car accidents are not just statistics—they represent loved ones lost, families shattered, and communities impacted.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one due to a car accident in Florida, know that you’re not alone. Our firm is steadfastly committed to representing your interests and ensuring you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to. Don’t let legal challenges overwhelm you; instead, take the proactive step to secure your future. We invite you to reach out to us – whether by phone, through a consultation request, or via our 24/7 live chat online. Let’s discuss your unique situation and chart the best way forward together.

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