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With Experience And Dedication


Florida Dog Bite Defense Lawyers: Skilled Representation for Dog Owners Across Florida

Florida Dog Attack

Being a responsible dog owner in Florida entails not only providing love and care to your pet but also being accountable when your dog may cause harm to others. If you find yourself facing a lawsuit due to your dog biting or attacking someone, securing experienced legal counsel is paramount. If someone is coming after you because of injuries or property damage resulting, speak with an experienced attorney today. We represent clients throughout the entire state of Florida. Call our office or submit a case evaluation to speak with an experienced defense attorney today. Get in touch with our trusted team by calling (407) 426-7222.

Understanding Florida Dog Bite Laws:

Florida is renowned for its strict liability dog bite laws. The statutes imply that dog owners are usually held liable when their pet bites someone, regardless of the dog’s previous behavior. These laws are intricate, and navigating them without professional guidance can be overwhelming.

Our skilled Florida Dog Bite Defense Lawyers meticulously dissect every element of your case to build a solid defense strategy. We delve deep into investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, the dog’s history, and any potential provocation to formulate a defense tailored to your unique situation.

Why Hire Our Dog Bite Defense Attorneys?

Being involved in a dog bite incident can be stressful and alarming, particularly if you find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit. It is crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced dog bite defense attorney to guide you through the intricate legal landscape for several reasons:

  1. Expertise in Dog Bite Laws: A specialized attorney comprehends the intricate laws related to dog bites in your jurisdiction, ensuring effective navigation through legal systems.
  2. Strategic Defense: An experienced attorney can formulate robust defense strategies, potentially mitigating or dismissing your liability based on the unique facts of your case.
  1. Negotiation Skills: Having a knowledgeable attorney is essential for negotiating fair settlement terms, protecting you from excessive damages.
  1. Rights Protection: An attorney safeguards your rights throughout legal proceedings, managing communications and preventing inadvertent self-incrimination.
  1. Stress Reduction: Delegating legal responsibilities to an attorney allows you to focus on personal well-being, reducing stress associated with legal intricacies.
  1. Court Representation: In case of a trial, a defense attorney can proficiently represent you, ensuring the presentation of evidence and arguments are in your favor.
  1. Potential Financial Savings: While involving costs, hiring an attorney can significantly outweigh legal fees by avoiding excessive damages and achieving favorable settlements or verdicts.

Our Approach to Dog Bite Defense

Every dog bite case we undertake is approached with meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of Florida dog bite laws. We analyze every factor that can impact the case, such as the location of the incident, the presence of warning signs, and any previous aggressive behavior exhibited by the dog.

We strive to expose any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the plaintiff’s account, exploring avenues for reducing liability or having the case dismissed. Our Florida Dog Bite Defense Lawyers are skilled at negotiating settlements and, when necessary, litigating to uphold our clients’ rights.

We Know How to Defend Your Dog Bite

The process of building a robust defense begins with comprehending the specifics of the case. Our attorneys focus on several aspects, including:

  • Investigation: Rigorous research into the incident’s details and context is essential. We scrutinize every available piece of evidence to bolster your defense.
  • Provocation Analysis: Determining whether the alleged victim provoked the dog can be crucial in mitigating liability.
  • Witness Statements: Collating accounts from any eyewitnesses can be pivotal in strengthening your defense and challenging the plaintiff’s version of events.
  • Finding Applicable Defenses: While Florida’s dog bite laws are stringent, there are defenses such as: the victim was trespassing, the dog was provoked, and/or there was a prominent “Bad Dog” sign displayed.

Morey Law Firm, P.A.: Your Florida Dog Bite Defense Lawyers

We’re not merely a law firm; we’re your unwavering allies in your quest for justice. Our Orlando-based dog bite defense lawyers are committed to representing dog bite defense clients throughout Florida, ensuring they receive the legal support and guidance they deserve. As experienced advocates for animal owners across Florida, we understand the unique challenges faced by our clients and work tirelessly to protect their rights. No matter where you are in Florida, our team is always happy to discuss your potential case, providing you with the expertise and confidence you need when facing a dog bite lawsuit. For more details or to schedule a consultation you can call, online chat, or submit an Online Case Evaluation now to speak with an attorney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely,  our dog bite defense attorneys have years of experience representing individuals who are being sued due to incidents involving their dogs and can help in navigating the legal proceedings and defending your rights.

Contact a reputable dog bite defense attorney immediately to discuss your case and understand the legal options available to you, and refrain from any communication with the opposing parties or their investigators without legal counsel.

A defense lawyer can use several strategies like proving provocation, displaying warning signs, and highlighting the victim’s negligence. They present evidence, manage legal communications, and negotiate settlements on your behalf.

It depends on your insurance policy. Some policies do cover legal fees and damages from dog bites, but it’s essential to check your policy or consult with your insurance provider to confirm coverage. We’re always happy to review your policy for you.

Yes, as the dog’s owner, you can still be held liable, but liability might also extend to the person supervising the dog, depending on the circumstances.

While it’s legally possible, it’s not recommended due to the complexity of laws involved. Having an experienced attorney on your side ensures proper representation and protection of your rights.

Our firm offers experienced attorneys to handle communications, stress, and legal processes, applying extensive legal knowledge and negotiation skills to defend your interests and resolve claims efficiently.

Several defenses like provocation of the dog, displaying a “Bad Dog” sign, and victim’s negligence may be available, depending on the circumstances.

Costs vary, but many firms, including ours, offer clear and upfront fees. Hiring an experienced attorney can ultimately save money by effectively navigating the legal process and negotiations. All of our fees are quoted upfront before any commitment is needed on your end.

While not necessarily “mandatory”, responding is crucial, preferably through a defense attorney, to address any legal demands appropriately and to prevent further legal complications.

Provocation can be a viable defense, potentially reducing or eliminating the liability of the dog owner. An experienced attorney can assess the situation and present the provocation defense effectively.

Immediate action is essential to meet legal deadlines and formulate a defense strategy. Contacting a defense attorney promptly is crucial to understanding your rights and options.

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